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Viva - Intelligent Video and Audio Analytics Software (EN)

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A "pre-configured Virtual Appliance for real-time IP intelligent videosurveillance"

It provides more then simple Motion Detection but is easier to install than enterprise-classapplication. VIVA makes videosurveillance systems "intelligent".

The following rules are available concurrently for each video input:

Presence of people or vehicles - It detects the presence of one or more persons in a pre-determined zone in the area of interest. Ideal for detection in areas where access is denied (even only in certain time intervals) or where there is an access control point.

People counting - It counts the person walking in a sensitive area towards a preconfigured direction. It can be ideal for environments where there is a people access gate.

Line crossing - It detects any people crossing a pre-configured line in the area of interest (in one direction or both directions). Useful in museums, train/bus stations, public offices or wherever there is an ideal line not to be crossed.

Camera darkening - It detects any possible obfuscation of the video camera lens (such as occlusions) which would compromise the functions of the video surveillance system. It can fight acts of vandalism.



- Permits access via web interface from any internet-connected computer;

- Detection and tracking of people or vehicles; people counting, camera-tampering detection;

- Provides alerts on the user interface, either as pop-ups or as alerts emailed to specified addresses;

- Allows saved alerts to be searched by event type, data, time, or camera.


Technical Specifications

- VIVA is configured to run in a virtualized environment (and has been tested with Oracle VirtualBox). Resource allocation is handled automatically and optimized for most efficient functioning;

- VIVA is a cross-platform solution that easily adapts to a wide variety of operation systems and third-party devices;

- Installation is easy using Windows installers (the procedure is manual on Linux and Mac systems). Follow the simple instructions provided in the documentation.

- Runs on any PC and may be used with any Windows or Linux server;

- Easily integrated into many third-party Video Management Systems (VMS).


For more info www.viva-box.eu

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